About Me

About Me
About Me

A Midwesterner at heart, my design aesthetic lies in simplicity - clean, open layouts; typography that communicates; and iconography which clarifies instead of cluttering. I strongly believe in design with intent.

With a decade of experience, I have touched a number of brands, and made them better.

Starting in the business-to-business area with Slack Barshinger, I took on a number of challenges with clients such as AON, PMMI, and Tellabs.

From there I moved into the mobile space with Motorola Mobility. With them, I focused my talents on mobile device experiences where I became an early adopter of the Android platform.

Landing out west, I found myself crafting visuals with Barnes & Noble: NOOK Media, where I brought outstanding reading experiences to users across the globe.

Following this position, I continued to enhance reading experiences at Scribd, where I delivered wonderful Comic and Audiobooks features.

From there, I am currently applying all my vast mobile knowledge to the Core Communications space at Tango.me. We work magic daily, to help users obtain the best connection experience we can provide.