Barnes & Noble: Nook Glowlight™ UI Redesign

Barnes & Noble: Nook Glowlight™ UI Redesign


The goal was to update the look and feel of the NOOK GlowLight™ UI with new fonts and optimized layouts for a higher resolution EDP device. For this, I curated 6 vector “Tree” wallpapers that shipped with the device. This project was a challenge due to the nature of the EPD display. An EPD screens refresh every so often to reduce the artifacts left from the previous content. This forced me to be very critical in the choices of grays and blacks I used in certain areas, so that they could be refreshed easily on the next screen.

Dormant State

This is the dormant/locked state of the device.

Home Screen

At the entry point of the experience, the user finds the titles they are currently reading as well as relevant recommended content surfaced from the Nook Shop. On this screen, I optmized the layout to showcase the title the user is currently reading.

Library Screen

In "My Library", the user would find all of their collected titles, with filters to arrange them in a variety of ways. For this screen, I focused on allowing the user to view their library how they see fit. This was done by giving an option for grid/list views as well as some filters to surface up content alphabetically or by recency.

Reader Tools Screen

For the reading experience, I optimized this for ease of use based on user feedback around previous Nook reading experiences. I allowed the user to alter the look of the reading experience and have those changes reflected in the portal above the controls so they could see the changes as they made them..

Title Detail Screen

Here we see the Product Details Page, where users can get additional details and take action on titles. Here I surfaced the most relevant options a user could take on a title to the top of the screen, next to the cover image for easy accessability.

Rate and Review Screen

This is where the user could rate and review a title that they have read. Also shown here is the QWERTY keyboard for EPD. This in itself was a challenge to produce, due to the screen flashing needed between key presses. Optmizing the screen flashing frequency proved to be the biggest challenge of this screen.

Tree Screensavers

The full set of screensavers I curated for the devices dormant state. The tree metaphor was chosen to symbolize paper and how it roots back to books.