Motorola Look10 - DroidX2


I worked within a small team of designers to create the 2010 look and feel of Motorola mobile devices. This included all of the skin piece and icons. After concepting was complete, I collaborated with engineers to get this design implemented as close to the initial designs as possible. This was a challenge due to the unique nature of the design which utilized a layering of multiple gradients and patterns.


As a Visual Designer, I worked with engineers to implement this design language as close to the original as possible. A major portion of this project was spent working with engineers to develop tools to allow me to quickly iterate this design production onto an actual device without having to wait for regular build cycles to see changes reflected.

This is the system I developed with the engineers to produce the patterns and gradients found in the new design language. The tools that the engineers created helped me to optimize this for the Droid X2 display. This took lots of iterations of tweeking colors to avoid banding and moire effects in the components that utilized this pattern.

**All screens are from the actual device avaiable to the public

Homescreen Widgets

These are the home screen widgets. I redlined and produced assets for all instances of the widgets. This was a challenge due to the high number of variations of content flowing into them and the user being able to determine the size of them. Sizing of homescreen widgets was done prior to it being adopted by the Android platform in subsequent releases.


The custom dialogs were a challenge to produce due to the unique pattern found in the header as well as in the lower button area.

Notification Curtain

Here you see the notification curtain. This was a custom implementation which displayed the unique pattern found throughout the design language.

Contact Edit

This is the contacts screen which was a skinning of the native Contact Edit screen found in Android. You can see the new design language coming through on the button panel at the bottom as well as in the form fields

Contact List

Contacts list screen based off stock Android with the design language applied.

App Tray

App tray screen based off stock Android with the design language applied.

Text Messaging

Text messaging screen based off stock Android with the design language applied.