Barnes & Noble: Nook HD/HD+ UI Design

Barnes & Noble: Nook HD/HD+ UI Design


This was Nook's second venture into the LCD space while leveraging Android as the underlying framework. For this product, Nook developed a new "Paper" Design Language which was the basis for the visual style across the UI. It became a challenge to modify the Android architecture to accomodate for some of the unique UI elements found within the "Paper" Design Language.


Collaborated with a UX designer on layouts and applied Nook "Paper" Design Language on top of them. My main role came in working with the engineers to ensusre a quality product release. I was able to apply my knowledge of the Android framework to enable the engineers to utilize framework components. 


This is the lockscreen for the device. I took existing wireframes and applied the "Paper" Design Language to create a unique experience. Multiple users could have accounts on this device, and they would drag their avatar to the middle to unlock it to that users profile.

Music Player

For the music player, we leveraged Androids base music player and applied the Nook "Paper" Design Language.

Music Library

This is where the user can browse their music on the device. The existing Android music player was leveraged for this layout, with the Nook "Paper" Design Language applied to it.

Newspaper Viewer

This is the Newspaper viewer. This allows users to view various publications found within the Nook catalog. This was a challenge due to the numerous variations of content arragements found across each publication. Accounting and optimizing for all of these cases took a lot of research and iteration to find the proper soluiton.