Scribd Audiobooks Player

Audiobook Player


The goal of this project was to introduce an audiobook listening experience into the Scribd ecosystem. This was challenging becasue prior to this, Scribd was a text-only reading service. Integrating this new content type was a fun challenge.


Tom is a 32 year old professional who is very busy with his career. He enjoys listening to audiobooks, podcasts or music while doing his daily tasks. He often jumps between all of these during the day. When winding down for the night, he enjoys listening to audiobooks until he falls asleep.

User Stories
  1. As a user, I want to listen to an audiobook with ease.
  2. As a user, I want to set a timer for my audiobook to stop.
  3. As a user, I want to listen to audiobooks and still browse Scribd.

Allow users to listen to Audiobooks with ease, as to allow them to focus on the content.


Collaborated with another UX designer. I provided the Persona, User Stories and all Visual Design.

**All screens you see here are screen shots from the latest builds available to the public

Mobile Clients

The mobile version took on a dark theme to give more contrast to the controls for easy targetability since users are typically on-the-go while listening to audiobooks on Scribd. The user can also back out of this screen and the title will continue playing. The controls then go into the Control Center (iOS) or the Notification Curtain (Android), allowing the user to browse Scribd while listening to audiobooks.

Web Client

The web version took on more of the look of the titles covers. Since users are typically at home while listening to audiobooks on the web, I chose to let more of the branded elements of Scribd show through. Each title is color sampled and that color is applied to the background, giving each title its own unique page for listening. Having its own page allows users to still browse titles in Scribd while listening to an audiobook.