Scribd Hover Card

Hovercard Redesign


This project was one I took on myself while at Scribd. Upon starting there, I noticed that I was having trouble understanding the interactions found in the hover card utilized on the site. I took this as an opportunity to update the experience and visuals to make the actions more clear to the user. I came up with the design proposal, presented it to my managers and they found it to be a solid solution. It was then implemented.

  1. Users are struggling to add new titles to their library from the carousel level.
  2. Users are struggling to get the information on adjacent cards, after consuming the information on the card in focus

Redesign the hover card to give a clearer visual hieracrchy, so that the main action is clear and does not cover adjacent titles when in focus.


Lead Desinger

**The final screen is a screen shot from the latest version available to the public

Previous Implementation
New Implementation
Final Design

I decided to reduce the amount of metadata to bring more focus to the call to action. I came to this conclusion after testing 50 titles to see the quality of the content being pulled in. Rarely was it enough information to give the user so they could make a clear choice of learning more or adding the title to their library. Shortly after this change was implemented, we saw a sharp increase in users adding titles to their library.